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The Glenn Twins were born on a U.S. military base on March 12th. Their father served in the army for 25 years, and as a result their family traveled constantly prior to his retirement. The twins absolutely loved being “army brats” because it offered exposure to diverse regions, cultures, and people. The constant travel in the military lifestyle helped them better adapt to change and welcome new experiences. It built immense discipline and character--qualities that later attributed to their success in the entertainment industry.

The Glenn Twins got their start in entertainment as models at age 16. Their exotic looks and intriguing personalities were unparalleled. Their extensive resume consists of cosmetic ads, hair ads, editorial spreads, catalogues, music videos, calendars, and book covers. After modeling for a few years, their interests expanded to acting and hosting. They landed roles in films, television, and commercials and hosted several TV shows and industry events. After pursuing acting and hosting, The Glenn Twins ventured into merchandising, launching their own personalized items.

The twins' latest venture is the launch of their new cosmetics line, Mirror Image Cosmetics!  Mirror Image is a high-quality makeup line for the modern, dynamic woman, celebrating versatility and self-love!  The line features top-of-the-line highlighter and bronzer palettes, elegant lashes and high-intensity lipsticks! Click HERE to start shopping!!!


In addition to their merchandising endeavors, the twins have also added the title of author to their list of achievements with the release of Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman's Guide to Reclaiming GreatnessKeeping Your Crown is a nonfiction, motivational, self-help book designed to inspire and challenge black women to raise their overall standards to achieve success in their personal lives and in turn, make a positive impact within the black community! Click HERE to order your copy now!!!

Aside from their careers, The Glenn Twins regard their education very highly and have both obtained BBAs in accounting, graduating Magna Cum (Debra) and Suma Cum (Joyce) Laude. They excelled academically, primarily funding their education with academic scholarships. They are also members of the prestigious business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma.

The twins admit that breaking into the industry has been more fun and more hard work than they imagined. Although challenging, having each other has made the load lighter. The Glenn Twins are as well-rounded and as talented as they come, and will undoubtedly encounter continued success.

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